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I& read many of the books by Sayed Maududi and I think he is the best Islamic thinker and writer and Aalim of the present world. Thought he passed away but he. Documents Similar To AKS Complete by Umera Ahmed. (Umaira Ahmed) Koee Lamha Kaab Naheen Hotaa (Novel # ). Uploaded by. Muhammad Usman. Hi Guys This is a very nice and beautiful urdu novel Aks by Umera Ahmed. Features: Aks Urdu novel by Umera Ahmed – Zoom in and Zoom.

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It’s one of the most unique and differently written books of Umerah Ahmed. The “pearls” I like to call them.

The way she copes with her trauma with the help of her beloved Nana is exceptional. Though, in many ways, Aks is a story of love, it is also a story where Umera Ahmed took a bold step and tackled the social taboo of pedophilia. Like all episodic novels, I didn’t read it back then; except for a couple of pages. I think this was just a desperate attempt to fulfill the quota of ‘episodes’ in the digest that this story was published in. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

Umera ahmed’s writings are always great! Aug 26, Aaesha Beyg added it. Jul 19, Rija rated it did not like it. And there’s a shocking twist.

This novel has some beautiful and adorable relationships.

AKS-by-Umera-Ahmed : dshh : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The character of Aks is the best part of this entire novel. Unlike many other fans, however, I quit it after first few episodes.

Why did I pick it up again after so many years, you may umdra Aks is a story which will teach you how to stand up and move on. Sherdil is portrayed as a perfect husband even though he admires Aks alot but is sincere with her wife.


Every single chapter started with the SAME scenario, which may have been a brilliant move if executed well enough. Now, you may think you know where this story is going, but prepare to be very surprised. Aks proved it that by sharing happiness one get manifold. I know we usually read for the insights that our writer has to offer.

Or maybe my expectations were too high. Sherdil and Aks are batch mates and best friends. That was an Aks reference. Everytime I read one of umera Ahmed’s novels I decide this one is her best, but then I read the next and know this is the one and this goes on, she never ceases to amaze me. The characters are very strong. Aks exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. Oct 19, MahRukh rated it it was amazing Shelves: The residence is haunted by supernatural creatures they call Dwarfs.

And the outcome was just BAD. The book is about Their friendship was the most amazing thing in the entire novel.

Most of the stories are so predictable that’s why i lose interest in them but this novel is so thrilling that i couldn’t predict a thing. Want to Read saving…. So I’ll go ahead and say that although aks deserved what she got but shehr bano did not deserve what she got. It reminded me how an incredibly awesome of a writer she is. I never expected this book to be what it was. I enjoy many of them. Also, the jumps from past to present were very abrupt, a bit irritating, not smooth like they were in “Thora sa asman’ ” Overall it was an average read.

Aks deeply affected me as a reader. A very very powerful story!

Aks – Overview

Very very Good novel. Because, I had a feeling this novel was going to be about a man being unfaithful to his loving wife. I hated what happened with shehr bano but the thing that left me dumbfounded was misal’s agony and her path for finding love. It is a story which can tell us that fate actually exists a Aks is one of those novels which can heal the souls of the wounded one.


One of the most important message she conveys is education. Still, everything about this book was brilliant. No words can elaborate the experience of reading this gem in words. That’s the umeta of Humera Ahmed’s writings, there’s always a lesson in her stories.

There were not one, but two characters who were victims of pedophiles. In the first quarter of the novel I couldn’t m Everytime I read one of umera Ahmed’s novels I decide this one is her best, but then I read the next and know this is the one and this goes on, she never ceases to amaze me. Well, after reading Aks you will definitely be able to know about this confusing subject.


This is one great and inspiring book of her I think. This may take a second or two. Aks is one of those novels which can heal the souls of the wounded one.

However she left the job a few years back in order to devote umega full attention to writing. Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah ] from that which you love.