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All this adds up to a price breakthrough in sampling technology – the new Akai SXL. SXL Operator’s Manual Page 1 INTRODUCTION FEATURES. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed. S Owners Manual download. SI Owners Manual download. SXL Owners Manual download. S Owners Manual.

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I have been using an Si for many years now.

Akai S3000

To copy or rename a program, press the NAME key – this turns the manuall panel keys into letter entry keys and you may type in a name of up to 12 characters upper case only.

Here are a few suggestions: These may be set by moving the cursor to them and using the DATA control to input notes or, when displaying the notes numerically, you may type in a number from the numeric keypad. The key is invaluable in creating loops. This sets the delay between a note-on occurring and the effect being introduced. Because it is felt tliat LF01 will s300 be used s30000 vibrato effects, the default in the PTCH page see later is set so that simply setting a value in the dept h: If you have already owned an Akai sampler, then you will probably be familiar with a lot of what we have just seen but, if this is your first akau with an Akai sampler, it is worth taking the time to get a fairly good understanding of these principles and the concept of keygroups if you are going to manyal the best out your sampler.

You s30000 prefer to layer sounds using RNUM rather than creating one program with the required sample s in it because there are certain aspects to creating a program that affect all things the same.


As mentioned, you could make up a program that combined all of these samples but an easier way is to simply give them the same program number – for example, renumber them both to, say, program 1.

Whilst cheap ones may be appealing, they are prone to errors more than good ones.

Polyphonic and monophonic portamento. Due to limitations witti ttie panning tiardware, whilst slow sweeps work well, fast sweeps may, on some sounds, introduce some ‘zipper noise’. You should see something like this screen: Page 42 The big advantage is that you may load older sound library material and use it with no conversion process or editing required.

Place the guitar program into two parts and set the same MIDI channel for those parts.

To achieve this, simply set part 4 to MIDI channel 2, the same as the piano. Here you are presented with four choices. The big advantage is that you may load older sound library material and use it with no conversion process or editing required. Also, if one take is playing while another is triggered, the new take will take priority although please note that there will be a short gap between the one take finishing and the next take starting.

Full text of “Akai: SXL owner’s manual”

Use maybe a footpedal to pan the sound around. To do this, simply assign all the relevant keygroups to the same Mute Group. Ordinarily, this is not a problem and you can set up a multi very easily without even having to think about program numbers.

If a,ai have used Akai samplers before, you may continue to work in this way, of course, but, as mentioned, the new MULT! Even though both these programs originally spanned the entire keyboard, this function allows you to impose limits on the programs’ keyranges. As mentioned, with set to 99, this parameter will have no effect.


This has another implication. Of course, there may well still be some glitches but this can be overcome using the crossfade key. You must enter a unique new name.

Studio Manuals – Akai

It will also affect the level going to the internal effects. Layering two programs and setting the modulation amounts to opposite values can also yield some interesting panning effects.

At first, this may seem a bit strange to allow this but this does enable you to crossfade between programs using velocity – i. All this adds up to a price breakthrough in sampling technology – the new Akai SXL. Akao the title of this page implies, files must be on a DOS format floppy disk. You can save the multi file with a meaningful name i.

Akai S3000XL User Manual

MIDI channel and then set an appropriate keysplit i. A program may have as little as one keygroup spanning the entire keyboard or as many s300 one keygroup for every key each with four samples in them! The default is OFF and you may select 1 Using Multi Mode For Layering Programs In the case of layering three sounds, polyphony will be cut to around xkai voices.

By applying this to panning, each note will be in a different position in the stereo image. Before you can do any recording, you must name the sample you are about to record. This was called ‘modular synthesis’.