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AIMA’s Illustrative Questionnaire for Due Diligence Review of Managed Futures Fund Managers/Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). The DDQs created by the AIMA are generally considered industry standard and may be a good starting point as one thinks about creating a DDQ Remember, . First published in , the document-based AIMA DDQ has become the leading industry standard for alternative investment managers and.

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Hedge Fund Down Use of the questionnaire is a good early step in the DD process: Shadow music – Why shadow-accounting can help hedge fund managers orchestrate operational alpha Tue, Global Markets Outlook The Benefits of Modularity The template is conveniently modular: The questionnaires can now be accessed online, but only by AIMA members.

How will the investor follow up with a manager who responds vaguely or to a question distinct from the one actually xima From the current issue of.

Will it end the bull run or will low interest rates allow U.

AIMA’s New Due Diligence Template

Hard Assets Trending Four key trends for gold market in CAIS set to be a blockbuster Edq, During the 20 years since the first AIMA due diligence process was published, has anybody conducted any empirical research asking whether due diligence achieves any better outcome? We would like to sincerely thank everyone who provided input, review and oversight in this process.

Forgot ID or password? By having a standardised set of questions, the DDQ also helps managers respond efficiently to requests for information from multiple investors. It was last revised in AIMA updates due diligence questionnaire for hedge fund managers.


Many alternative investment fund managers have transformed into diversified multi-strategy, multi-product firms seeking investments from a wide range of investors. Newly Added What about beta?

Tuesday, January 22, – How will they determine if a DDQ presented to them by a manager is itself aimx in favor of telling them what the manager wants them to hear?

Get the free daily newsletter. Classic cars make great investment vehicles. Sunday, March 3, – Furthermore, the new DDQ has a modular functionality that will allow managers to fill out only those sections that apply to their businesses and the specific types of products they are offering.

The template is conveniently modular: Likewise with the instruction manual, here. These factors have created challenges for investment managers and for investors alike. Hedgeweek Global Awards Mon, Before, during, and after Thu, Tuesday, March 5, – Reacting to these pressures, AIMA has modernized its suite of DDQs, making them more flexible, easier to complete and more data-driven than before.

The new DDQ, developed in consultation with investment managers and investors, specifically covers dvq credit and private equity strategies as well as hedge funds.

Subsequent editions expanded into additional investment strategies, reflected changing business practices, and accounted for evolving regulations. Click here to cancel reply. Name required Email required Website. Oyster Consulting Bermuda Ltd. Having trouble logging in? It says that before asking a hedge fund to complete a DDQ or a request for proposal, investors should bear in mind five key questions:.

Leave A Reply Click here to cancel reply. The new document also integrates what were formerly separate questionnaires specific to commodity trading advisers and fund of funds managers.


aima ddq pdf – P(1) –

We also attempt to identify the key drivers of active equity hedge funds. While there are more than 90 new questions, many previous aija have been consolidated. The answers should allow investors to develop the areas of focus for further inquiries, aimz they may of course cross-check the answers with data from other sources. Send us News Tips! The completion of a due diligence questionnaire is generally regarded as one of the most significant steps taken by investment managers prior to receiving an allocation.

Ever more investors are undertaking significant due diligence processes prior to making an qima. In general Corgentum is cautioning that some investors are in danger of using the DDQ as a crutch to avoid the work involved in extensive operational; due diligence. Name required Email required Website Comment. Many alternative investment fund managers have transformed into diversified multi-strategy, multi-product firms seeking dfq from a wide range of investors.

Will Inflation Deflate the Asset Bubble? The revision of this questionnaire would not have been possible without the guidance we received from manager members, service providers and investors.

Futures Trending Top 30 Futures Brokers of There are two other possible starting points for other sorts of entity: How often does this investor anticipate having the manager update the answers to the DDQ? Hedge Fund Index Down 0.