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The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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A Master-Mason only must be the Surveyor of Master of the Work, who shall undertake the Lord’s Work reasonably, shall ahiamn dispend his Goods as if they were his own, and shall not give more Wages than just, to any Fellow or Apprentice. This shall be duly considered, and answered in its proper Place hereafter. Many attempts have been ahimn to explain the significance of this title ; thus according to Doctor Mackey, it is derived from three Hebrew words, zhiln, meaning brothers.

HE is to be a Lover of the Arts and Sciences, and is to take all Opportunities to improve himself therein. HE is not to neglect rfzon own necessary Avocations 1 for the Sake of Masonry, nor to involve himself in Quarrels with those who through Ignorance may speak Evil of or ridicule it.

The Order of the Grand-Lodge, from pag. Nothing can prove more rezoh to all faithful Masons, than to see any of their Brethren profane or break through the sacred Rules of their Order; and such as can do it, they wish had never been admitted. Concerning meeting on St. The Petitioners also are to attend if in or adjacent to London except in Cases of Sickness, Lameness, or Imprisonment.

Full text of “Dermott L Ahiman Rezon “

So mote it be! Among the other Noblemens Sons who had been at this weighty Business, was that faithful Youth the Son of the grave Papirius, whose Family was one of the most noble and illustrious in all Rome.

But this Regulation is neglected for several Reasons, and is now obsolete. Quintus Curtius tells us, that the Persians held it an as inviolable Law to punish most grievously and much more than any other Trespass him that discovered any Secret; for Confirmation thereof, he, says King Darius, being vanquished by Alexander, had made his Escape so far as to hide himself where he thought he might rest secure; no Tortures whatsoever, or liberal Promises of Recompense, could prevail with the faithful Brethren that knew it, or compel them to disclose it to any Person; And furthermore says, that no Man ought to commit any Matter of Consequence to him that cannot truly keep a secret.

This site uses cookies. And if the Members of the Grand Lodge cannot reconcile the Grand-Master with his Deputy or Wardens, they are to allow the Grand-Master to discharge his Deputy or Wardens, and to choose another Deputy immediately, and the same Grand Loge, in that Case, shall forthwith choose other Grand- Wardens, so that Harmony and Peace may be preserved.

Transactions of Lodges to be written in their Books, and Lodges removed shall be reported to the Grand-Secretary. Nor should any other Kind of Division ever be admitted among Free-Masons. In the first Place; our Privileges and Instructions, when rightly made Use of, are not only productive of our Welfare on this Side of the Grave, but even our eternal Happiness hereafter.

Speak thou art the elder; for it becometh thee; but with sound Judgment; and hinder not Music. IN the State, a Mason, is to behave as a peaceable and dutiful Subject, conforming cheerfully to the Government under which he lives.

Behaviour in the Presence of Strangers not Masons YOU must be cautious in your Words, Carriage and Motions; so that the most penetrating Stranger may not be able to discover what is not proper to be intimated; And the impertinent or ensnaring Questions or ignorant Discourse of Strangers, must be prudently managed by Free-Masons.

Shewing who should fill the Chair in the Grand-Master’s Absence. THEREFORE I am of the Opinion, that if Secrecy and Silence be duly considered, they will be found most necessary to qualify a Man, for any Business of Importance; If this be granted, I am confident that no [10] Man will dare to dispute that Free-Masons are superior to all other Men, in concealing their Secrets, from Times immemorial; which the Power of Gold, that often has betrayed Kings and Princes, and sometimes overturned whole Empires, nor the most cruel Punishments could never extort the Secret even from the weakest Member of the whole Fraternity.


Moses afterwards reduced the Laws which he had received into Writing, but not the Explanations of them; these he thought it sufficient to trust to the Memories of the above mentioned Persons, who, being perfectly instructed in them, delivered them to their Children, and these again from Age to Age.

The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge 1825

If any Officer of a particular Lodge cannot attend, he may send a Brother that has been in that or a higher Office before with his Jewel and Cloathing, to supply his Room ahimaj support the Honour of his Lodge.

THE first Thing that Pythagoras taught his Rezob was to be silent, therefore for a certain Time he kept them without speaking, to the End that they might the better learn to preserve the valuable Secrets he had to communicate to them, and never to speak but when Time required, expressing thereby that Secrecy was the rarest Virtue; Would to God that the Masters of our present Lodges would put the same in Practice.

But Ahiman give ing 9 [sic] him to understand that the People of this Country were weak-sighted, he immediately covered his Breast-Plate; which not only gave me an Opportunity of perceiving him more distinct, but also of paying him my Respects in the best Manner I was capable of; and making a very low Bow, I rszon him with the first Volume of the History of Masonry, hoped he would do me the honour of perusing it, and beg’d his Advice for my further proceedings.

Of Dispensations, and how ahuman obtain them.

But if that Reference is either impracticable or unsuccessful, and the Affair must be brought into the Courts of Law or Equity; yet still you must avoid all Wrath, Malice, and Rancour in carrying on your Suit; not saying or doing any Thing that may hinder the Continuance or Renewal of brotherly Love and Friendship, which is the Glory and Cement of this ancient Fraternity; that we may shew to all the World the benign Influence of Masonry, as all wise, true and faithful Brethren have done from the Beginning of Time, and will do till Architucture shall be dissolved in the general Conflagration.

As the Ahiman Rezon is not a secret, but a published book, and the above definition has been omitted from subsequent revisions of the book, the words were submitted to Hebrew scholars for translation upon the assumption that they are of Hebrew origin. But if the Master refuse to direct such Summons’s either of the Wardens may do it; and if the Master neglects to attend on the Day fixed, the Warden may preside in determining the Affair, in the Manner prescribed but they shall not, in the Master’s Absence, enter upon any other Cause but what [61] is particularly mentioned in the same Summons.

Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Names, Religions, or Persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great Articles of Noah, enough to preserve the Cement of the Lodge. The Manner of moving a Lodge from one House to another. HE is to treat his Inferiors as he would have his Superiors deal with him, wisely considering that the Original of Mankind is the same; and though Masonry divests no Man of his Honour, yet does the Craft admit that strictly to pursue the Paths of Virtue, whereby a clear Conscience may be preserved, is the only Method to make any Man noble.

A MASON is a Lover of Quiet; is always subject to the civil Powers, provided they do not infringe upon the limited Bounds of Religion and Reason; And it was never yet known, that a real Craftsman was concerned in any dark Plot, Designs, or Contrivances against the State, because the Welfare of the Nation is his peculiar Care; so that from the highest to the lowest Step of Magistracy due regard and Deference is paid by him.

Behaviour in the Lodge before closing YOU must not hold private Committees, or separate Conversation, without Leave from the Master; nor talk of any Thing impertinent, nor interrupt the Master or Warden, or any other Brother speaking to the Chair; nor act ludicrously while the Lodge is engaged in what is serious and solemn; but you are to pay due Reverence to the Master, Wardens, and Fellows, and put them to worship.


The first edition drew heavily on the Books of Constitutions written for the Moderns Grand Lodge by James Anderson but later editions contained more original material and were much more critical of the Moderns so the book is also the story of the rivalry between the two.

Ahiman Rezon – Wikipedia

BUT as Masonry hath at several Times felt the injurious Effects of War, Bloodshed, and Devastation, it was a stronger Engagement to the Craftsmen to act agreeable to the Rules of Peace and Loyalty, the many proofs of which Ahimaan hath occasioned the ancient Kings and Powers to protect and defend them.

Behaviour after the Lodge is closed, and the Brethren are gone You may enjoy yourselves with innocent Mirth, treating one another according to Tezon, but avoiding all Excess; not forcing a Brother to eat or drink beyond his own inclination according to the old Regulation of King Ahasuerusnor hinder him from going home when he pleases; for though after Lodge-Hours ahimxn are like other Men, yet the Blame of your Excess may ahimman thrown upon the Fraternity, though unjustly.

John’s Day happens on a Sunday, then the public Meeting shall be the next Monday. The Master and the Masons shall faithfully rezob the Lord’s Work, whether Task or Journey; nor shall they take the Work at Task, which hath been accustomed to Journey. A MASON is to pay due Obedience to the Authority of his Master and presiding Officers, and to behave himself meekly amongst his Brethren; neither neglecting his usual Occupation for the Sake of Company, in running from one Lodge to another; [D- 17] nor quarrel with the ignorant Multitude, for their ridiculous [sic] Aspersions concerning it; But at his leisure Hours he is required to study the Arts and Sciences with a ahkman Mind, that he may not only perform his Duty to his great Creator, but also to his Neighbour and himself; For to walk humbly in the Sight of God, to do Justice, and love Mercy, are the certain Characteristics of a Real Free and Accepted Mason; Which Qualifications I humbly hope they will possess to the End of Time; and I dare venture to say, that every true Brother will join with me in.

And whoever will peruse sacred rezln profane History, shall find a great Number of virtuous Attempts in Peace and War that never reached their designed Ends, but were shaken into Shivers and defeated, only through Defect of secret Concealment; and yet, besides such unhappy Prevention, infinite Evils have thereby ensued.

The End of the old Regulations. None who make a stated Lodge without the Grand-Master’s Warrant, shall be admitted into regular Lodges, till they make due Submission and obtain Grace. If any Lodge within the Limits of the City of London, cease to meet regularly during twelve Months successive, and ahlman keep up to the Rules and Orders of the Grand Lodge, its Number and Place shall be erased or discontinued in the Grand Lodge-Books; and if they Petition to be inserted or owned as a regular Lodge, it must lose reon former Place and Rank of Precedency, and submit to a new Constitution.

Lodge jurisdiction ahhiman distance from each other 3 — See this explained in the Regulation for Charity. Thou has div’d deep [xiv] into the Water, and hast brought up a Potsherd ; Nevertheless he took me by the Hand, and said These Traders, though but few in Number associate together, and for any mean Consideration admit any Person to what little ahimah know of the Craft. The Grand-Master abusing his Authority, how he is to be treated. And if the Lodge is thus regularly ordered to be removed, the Dezon or Warden shall send Notice to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge, for the publishing the same at the next Grand Lodge.

And all Times let thy Garments be White.

Nor are the rest of Mankind less acquainted with your lordship’s Affability, Generosity, Benevolence and Charity.