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The report year: TUV report age of vehicles: years, years, years, years, years. The report year: TUV report age of vehicles: Most frequent are (and increasing from to ) failures of the electrics, like Breakdown of passenger cars, ADAC Pannenstatistik , ADAC (). (originally posted in at the other site) ADAC is the organization that responds to essentially every German Reliability Statistics: Thirty Years Of ADAC’s Pannenstatistik After about or so, take it with a grain of salt.

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When I worked for Avis, we knew when we got 9 new Puntos, 3 would go straight to workshop, but one of my colleagues had an ancient 1.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The stats had considerable attention in being categorized to give the best possible representation of actual breakdowns.

Mazda6 looks very good.

It provides a useful look at historical statistics from that era. Value my carmiles buy or sell?

Open a copy of CR and look…. Technically you are correct, but I follow similar statistics, sometimes as part of my job.

Mary Barra has already told Sergio where he can shove it.

I purchased a car via Pajnenstatistik but since buying the car after two weeks the clutch has gone. If so, what’s a good petrol alternative?

TÜV reports – cars reliability ratings

FYI we have a Mazda and a Yamaha. Latest News Headlines Top Would a payment to a third party for minor damage caused in a car park need to be reported to my insurer? I only rely on my own statistics: Click here to view our privacy policy. What is though not reflected in the survey is that VW in Europe has not been as good as it should be and there are quite a few horror stories about — I think VW is going through a period similar to the one M-B had in the early 90s, and they need to snap out of it An interesting observation as my impression here in the US is just the opposite: This makes some of the results all the more shocking.


Why do my Volkswagen wheel caps keep going missing? Pannestatistik Latest MoT Reminder.

German Reliability Statistics: Thirty Years Of ADAC’s Pannenstatistik

Except maybe the very dismal showing of the Pannenstatixtik Commodore. Did your mother have a flat in ? RVs, Motorhomes, Trailers, Campers.

Posted May 27, at 4: At the time she bought the car she had nothing but praise for the salesman.

It would seem that the Lagunas have improved, the problem is how will the say Lagunas be doing in 3 or 4 years time? We’re wary of diesels because we only do trips of about 10 miles.

They may not be the same as those from the German drivers. This is my 8th and last one for sure – quite apart from the fact I harbour no desire for the vans with windows they are now churning out, the build and general reliability has gone down the Khazi. What this is saying is that Lagunas should be avoided like the plague and indeed they’re much worse than the cars, which are much better despite being a year olderwhereas something like the Mazda 6 remains impressively reliable long-term.

You need pannesntatistik pick up a book about statistical analysis and sound, scientific data collection and interpretation before you run headlong into showing people something like this because this is junk data and always has been since It may also reimburse the driver for simple services, such as pannenstatisti battery jump or the changing of a flat tire.


The Renaults had a terrible patch across the board in the early s but they seem to have fixed this now and their cars now seem to be quite respectable. They were too conservative to try something that different. Thank you for devoting a chunk of your evening compiling this spreadsheet. We had a much older, wealthier clientele than our Chevy store across the street. My guess is, younger folks simply buy Korean instead since quality appears competitive now.

Some of the the people you described may now buy Hyundais and… Dacias yes — I know a few younger people who needed a reasonably reliable first car and took the plunge. My sister upon returning from Europe test drove a Pontiac Le mans thinking Euro car built in Korea 205 be good, she promptly bought a Toyota the Lemans was terrible to drive, never mind own.

ADAC Info – Pannenstatistik

Just out of interest are daihatsu part of or part owned by Toyota? Posted May 28, at For example, Audi reliability has also overtaken Benz in the States. Bailed out in