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Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism: A Translation from the French of the Abbe Barruel. [Robert Clifford, Barruel, Barruel (Augustin)] on ) of the Abbe Barruel’s M16moires pour servir a l’histoire du Jacobinisme. The set, Mr. Griffith believes, was left by Shelley at Horsham after his expulsion. Histoire du Clergé pendant la Révolution francoise; ouvrage Dédié à la nation angloise; par L’Abbé Barruel, Aumonier de Son Altesse Sérénissime La.

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Many attacked the work, but as usual, the author did not suffer an antagonist to go unanswered. He believed that the court of Louis XV was a “Voltairean ministry” [42] of powerful men. Barruel claimed that Condorcet was a Freemason and leading member of the Society of who was elected to the Legislative Assembly and was “the most resolute atheist”.

Du Pape et de ses Droits Religieux. As a Catholic apologist of the religious and political status quo, Barruel downplayed his own Catholicism and presented himself as a neutral party within the radicalized debate surrounding the Revolution.

Augustin Barruel

He was a Freemason that associated with the philosophes and who would become an influential member of the revolution process. The Correspondence of Edmund Burke, 10 Vols. London and New York: He believed that it was his job to warn all governments and people of the goals of the Freemasons.

Views Read Edit View history. Furthermore, Barruel is seen as the father of modern conspiracy theory. The term had a lasting influence as by the end of the 18th century it had become a popular term of abuse used by conservative journals to refer to supporters of the Revolution. He wrote a short rejection of the Memoirs in which he termed Barruel ‘ s accusations “foolish” and “false”. Philosophism became a powerful tool of anti-revolutionary and anti-Jacobin rhetoric.


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As a result, the abve of equality and liberty and their attacks against the monarchy were attacks against all governments and civil society.

At the time of his death, Barruel was engaged on a refutation of the philosophical system of Immanuel Kantbut never completed his work. The history of the clergy during the French revolution: This is unusual among the enemies of the Enlightenment, who rarely distracted themselves by reading the works and authors they were attacking.

Barruel takes a close look at the correspondence between Voltaire and d ‘ Alembert and uses this as evidence of their plot to overthrow society. This group involved Marquis d ‘ Argenson who “formed the plan for the destruction of all religious orders in France”, the Duc de Choiseul who was “the most impious and most despotic of ministers”, the “friend and confidant of d ‘ Alembert”, Archbishop de Briennes, and Malesherbes, “protector of the conspiracy”.

Barruel Abbé (Augustin) 1741-1820

Barruel defined philosophism as “the error of every man who, judging of all things by the standard of his barduel reason, rejects in religious matters every authority that is not derived from the light of nature. This page was last edited on 20 Augustat Addison Wesley Longman Limited, But none of his works barruwl so much attention as his Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism. The plot was allegedly hatched by a coalition of philosophesFreemasons. Britain and the Americas. Addison Wesley Longman Limited, His first important work was Les Helveiennes, ou Lettres Provinciales philosophiques The Helveiennes or philosophical Provincial Letters published in He dedicated the work to the English nation in recognition of the hospitality that it had showed toward the unfortunate French ecclesiastics.


Oxford University Press, His new work involved him in a very extended controversy, for his work was translated into all the principal European languages.

The storm against the Jesuits in France drove him from his country and he was occupied in college work in Moravia and Bohemia until the suppression of the order in It was written and published in French inand translated into English in Barrruel with these differences, Robinson ‘ s work supported the conspiracy that Barruel ahbe to have discovered.

Augustin Barruel – Wikipedia

Despite the initial popularity of the book, Barruel ‘ s contemporaries soon rejected his book. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Antichristian Conspiracy by Barruel 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Les Helviennes, ou lettres provinciales philosophiques by Barruel Book 76 editions published between and in French and English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Whatever one’s disagreement with Barruel’s thesis, the data and documentation offered by him remain a perennial challenge and an invitation to reflect on the meaning of the Enlightenment. Barruel’s conspiracy is notable for suggesting an association between the Occultthe French Enlightenmentand Freemasons.

Enemies of the Enlightenment.