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48 CFR 9904 PDF

Title 48 – FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATIONS SYSTEM Chapter 99 – COST ACCOUNTING STANDARDS BOARD, OFFICE OF FEDERAL Subchapter B. 48 CFR, Pt TITLE FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATIONS SYSTEM AND COST ACCOUNTING STANDARDS PART COST ACCOUNTING. interpretations indicated thereto contained in 48 CFR , in effect on the date of award of this subcontract or, if the Seller has submitted cost or pricing data.

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Only if all salaries were directly allocated to a single final cost objective, as might be the case with personnel assigned to an overseas base for the performance of a single contract, would this practice be in accord with that requirement. ACOs cognizant of higher tier subcontractors or prime contractors shall not reverse the determination of the ACO cognizant of the subcontractor. The contractor identified the cost accounting periods to which the cost of tangible capital assets would be assigned using guideline class lives provided in IRS Rev.

If a contractor incurs restructuring costs but does have an existing established or disclosed cost accounting practice that does not provide for deferring such costs, any resulting change in cost accounting practice to defer such costs may be presumed to be desirable and not detrimental to the interests of the Government see Specifically, deferred charges are not tangible or intangible capital assets and therefore are excluded from the facilities capital values for the computation of facilities capital cost of money.

He then considers technological changes and likely use. The expense of line management shall be allocated only to the particular segment or group of segments which are being managed or supervised.

The straight-line method of amortization should normally be used, unless another method results in a more appropriate matching of cost to expected benefits. In a proposal for a covered negotiated fixed-price contract, he estimates the allocable expenses based solely on the estimated amount of the general management expense pool and the amount of the total cost input base estimated to be incurred during the 8 months in which performance is scheduled to be commenced and completed.

Practices used in estimating costs for proposals. In accordance with the provisions of the Standard, Company Y shall use a life of 12 years for the acquisition unless it can support a different estimate for the entire group.

For CAS-covered contracts placed on or after January 1,completed Disclosure Statements are required as follows:.

Three Board members, at least one of whom is appointed by the Administrator from the private sector, shall constitute a quorum of the Board. Total cost input; value-added cost input; or single element cost input.

During the year just 4, a covered contract was processed in four production units, each with homogeneous outputs. Negotiated subcontract, as used in this part, means any subcontract except a firm fixed-price subcontract made by a contractor or subcontractor after receiving offers from at least two persons not associated with 9904 other or with cffr contractor or subcontractor, providing. If the Contractor has notified the Contracting Officer that the Disclosure Statement contains trade secrets and commercial or financial information which is privileged and confidential, the Disclosure Statement shall be protected and shall not be released outside of the Government.


Such compliance shall be required prospectively from the date of applicability to such contract or subcontract.

48 CFR Part – COST ACCOUNTING STANDARDS | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Contractor presently has a firefighting force of 10 employees for general protection of the plant. The terms include Government-owned contractor-operated GOCO facilities, and joint ventures and subsidiaries domestic and foreign in which the 9940 has a majority ownership.

The rules for determining the applicable type of CAS coverage are in Further, no final cost objective shall have allocated to it as a direct cost any cost, if other costs incurred for the same purpose, in like circumstances, have been included in any cfd cost pool to be allocated to that or any other final cost objective. The tangible asset should be expensed because it does not meet the 2-year criterion.

FAR – Appendix Cost Accounting Preambles and Regulations*

This involved internal corporate reorganization, as well as mergers and acquisitions. The contractor computed pension costs using the aggregate cost method. This Standard shall not apply to contracts and grants with state, local, and Federally recognized Indian Tribal Governments. For purposes of this paragraph b 2an cff issued by one segment to another segment shall be treated as a subcontract. In the process, a number of large and small items of 84 were acquired to outfit it.

Company B must include in its estimate of its liability at the end of its cost accounting period only that unused vacation entitlement which results from completed years of service, with allowance for forfeitures if material.


Any such types of payments or accruals which cannot be identified specifically with individual segments shall be allocated to benefitted segments using an allocation base representative of the factors on which the total payment is based. Negotiated contracts not exempt in accordance with Conversely, if the ccfr conditions prevail at any segment, a greater allocation than would result from the application of The agency head may determine that it is impractical to secure the Disclosure Statement, although submission is required, and authorize contract award without obtaining the Statement.

Other bases for allocation of home office expenses to segments may be used if they are substantially in accordance with the beneficial or casual relationships ccfr in If an applicable Disclosure Statement has already been submitted, the offeror may satisfy the requirement for submission by providing the information requested in paragraph c of Part I of this provision. Business unit means any segment of an educational institution, or cfe entire educational institution which is not divided into segments.

The offeror hereby certifies that i the offeror first exceeded the monetary exemption for disclosure, as defined in 3 above, in the cost accounting period immediately preceding the period in which this offer was submitted and dfr in accordance with After 4 years of service, during which time this Standard has become applicable, a change in the production crf results in a well-supported determination to shorten the xfr service life to a total of 7 years. Cost Accounting Standards promulgated by the Board shall be mandatory for use by all executive agencies and by contractors and subcontractors cffr estimating, accumulating, and reporting costs in connection with pricing and administration of, and settlement of disputes concerning, all negotiated prime contract and subcontract procurements with the United States Government in excess of the Truth in Negotiations Act TINA threshold, as adjusted for inflation 41 U.


Any request for a waiver shall describe the proposed contract or subcontract for which the waiver is sought and shall contain—.

Unit R will also carry forward an inventory suspense account in accordance with the requirements of this Standard. Consistent application of these criteria where standard costs are in use will improve cost measurement and cost assignment. Typical residual expenses are those for the chief executive, the chief financial officer, and any staff 994 are not identifiable with specific activities of segments.

Unit C may continue to account for these costs in a separate cost pool under the provision of this Standard.

The offeror further certifies that the practices used in estimating costs in pricing this proposal are consistent with the cost accounting practices disclosed in the applicable Disclosure Statement.

The criteria for determining the 99004 of costs to a product, contract, or other cost objective should be the same for all similar objectives. After several years’ experience, the plan was determined not to be attaining its objective, so it was terminated, and no future entitlements were paid.

Under the provisions of the Standard, Company X shall use the estimated service life of 14 years for the milling machine unless it can demonstrate changed circumstances or new circumstances to support a different estimate. However, where partial utilization of a tangible capital asset is identified with a specific operation, depreciation shall commence on any portion of the asset which is substantially completed and used for that operation.

Since travel costs of personnel whose time is accounted for as direct labor working on other contracts are costs which are incurred for the same purpose, these costs may no longer be included within indirect cost pools for purposes of allocation to any covered Government contract.

For a CAS-covered contract to be awarded during the period January 1,through June 30,the awarding agency may waive the preaward Disclosure Statement submission requirement specified in In these circumstances, the official’s travel and subsistence expenses would be directly associated costs for identification with the unallowable entertainment expense.

The change increases the dollar amount of pension cost allocated to all final cost objectives. A preaward determination of adequacy is not required in such cases.